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Shaman Altar kit

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Kero Altar Kit INHOUD

  1. Shaman altar mesa 64cm x 60 cm T.w.v  €55.99
  2. Wolf dromenvanger T.w.v. €69.99
  3. Macrame healing bracelet T.w.v €59..99
  4. Coca thee 10 thee zakjes  T.v. €23.99

Create a Shamanic altar
Making an altar will help you connect with the Mother Nature
Set aside an area in your home as a sacred space where you can call on you Shamanic spirit

Step one
Find the ideal spot for your altar, this could be in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or even the garden. Somewhere you feel comfortable and at peace.

Step two
Place a Andean Altar Cloth on your altar to protect it. Choose a god TUMI ornament to help focus your intention to connect with these heavenly beings and decorate the altar with candles feather and fresh flowers.

Step three
Smudge the altar to cleanse it of any negative or stagnant energies. Use a sage smudging stick or sprits the area with rose essential oil to raise positive vibrations and open your connection.

Step Four
Use the altar daily to connect with the Kero Shamanic spirits. Do this by lighting a white candle and chat to the Shamanic spirit out loud or in your head. You may have a specific problem you seek an answer to or just want guidance. Answers may suddenly come to you in your head or the Shaman might give you signs throughout the day to put you on the right path


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